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EAA Chapter 70 Ultralights

Our Chapter has large group of Powered Parglider and Trike Pilots but were interested in any type of ultralight.  In its simplest definition an Ultralight is an aircraft that weighs less than 254 pounds, goes no more than 55 knots, carries 5 gallons of fuel, and you do not need a Pilot certificate.  There are many exceptions such as Floats, Safety Devices, Non-Powered, Two-Place for instruction etc.  Here is the commplete definition under FAA Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft Regulation  

Need to know more?  Here are two good excellent links about Ultralights National EAA Ultralight Aircraft Website and the Ultralight Aircraft Guide.

Here are some photos of our Members in their Ultralights.   Come join us in sharing the experience and joy of Ultralight flying!

What's a Powered Paraglider?

A Powered Paraglider is an inflatable wing.  It is easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land.   The paraglider itself has no rigid structure and the pilot is suspended by lines.  The pilot is clipped into a harness, which is quite comfortable.  The motor is in a backpack with a propeller to give thrust to allow you to climb, fly level and descend at your own will.

What's a Trike?

A Trike is an aircraft that looks like a Hang Glider with a tricycle chassis suspended below that the pilot sits in, and has a rear mounted engine with a pusher propeller.  Trikes are controlled by weight shift rather than aerodynamic surfaces and have flexible rather than rigid wings and no tails.  The pilot's inputs actually vary the center of gravity to initiate turns and to control speed.

Can you believe it?  An Ultralight Helicopter!

Here is an amazing example of a Ultralight Helicopter called the Mosquito.   Just marvel at it's simplicity.  The designer built it and did not even know how to fly a helicopter.  He read a few books about helicopter flight and took a couple of lessons before attempting to fly this amazing machine.

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