EAA Chapter 70

Our Mission:

PROMOTING Access to the Dream of Flight
PREPARING for the Future of Aviation
PRESERVING the Heritage of Aviation
PROTECTING the Right to Fly

The Lehigh Valley EAA Chapter 70 is for anybody interested in Aviation. All are welcome!   Join the camaraderie of fellow members who share your interests.  Enjoy our activities and friendly hangar flying while learning more about recreational aviation.  We are interested in all aspects of aviation from Powered Parachutes, Ultralights, Experimental and Production Aircraft. We are people from all different ages and walks of life that range from just hanging around others who fly to ultralight and aircraft builders and pilots.

Experimental Aircraft Construction and Aviation Related Youth Development

On of our main goals is to promote recreational aviation, such as ultralight and experimental aircraft construction.  The EAA Young Eagles program is a great way to introduce our youth to aviation.

When do We Meet and Where are We Located?

We are located Braden Airpark in Easton, PA.  Our Board Meeting is at 7:00pm on the first Thursday before the Member meeting.  We usually meet at the local diner or other restaurant, especially if the weather is cold.  Otherwise, we meet at Clubhouse.  Usually we meet at 6:30pm if you want to eat some dinner as well.   Our Member meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.  We meet at our EAA Chapter 70 Clubhouse if it is cold but if it is warm we sit outside under our Pavilion.

Want to Join Us or Want to Know More?

If what you've read or heard interest you and you want to join us or as any questions then send and email to info @ eaa70.org

Our membership coordinators will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  If you prefer you can also send them an email with your phone number, and best time you can be reached.  Here is a copy of our application:

EAA Chapter 70 - 3800 Sullivan Trail - Easton, PA 18040
President Jody Pysher jpysher @ eaa70.org
webmaster @ eaa70.org  phone: (888) 324-1621
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